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I myself don’t have an economics degree. Or a degree in public policy or what have you. I didn’t even take a single college course. But that’s kind of the point. I learned this stuff by doing; by reading and writing and asking questions. And so can you, whoever you are. Economics is part art, part psychology, part philosophy, and part engineering. But above all, it’s a craft: something anyone can pick up with time, study, and a bit of tinkering.

How do we create wealth? To what purpose? And, who gets the proceeds? Those are all conversations that every American has the ability, the right, and the responsibility to participate in. So here’s me, tinkering at my workbench, in the hopes it will help some of you out there tinker as well.

Who Am I, Anyway?

Jeff Spross. I started as a general reporter at ThinkProgress in 2011, focused on economics and health care, and eventually the economic side of climate and environmental issues. Then, starting in 2015, I spent five years as the economics and businesses correspondent for The Week. My writing has also appeared in The American Prospect and the policy journal Democracy.

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I can also be found on Twitter: @jeffspross

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